The Skills Page

Even if you play for fun, it’s more fun when you’re good at what you are playing at. Here are some tips to get better at Bogeys.

Driving Range Tips

Don’t Bash – Don’t swing for the fences every time, it locks you into a power game without nuance. It also only works certain muscles, which will tire you quickly. Practice hitting shots to different targets, and being able to hit your target with the first or second shot.

Discipline Your Shot – Once you can hit your desired target, work on your ability to hit the shot twice in a row. This develops muscle memory that will help your game immeasurably.

Hit Golf Shots, Not Golf Balls – Slow down. Take your time before every shot. This will focus your mind and focus your game. it will also make that bucket last longer.

Short vs Long – Use the putting green first to loosen up and get your head right. It’s like stretching before you run.

Mix It Up – Once you’re hitting your shot the way you want to (or close to it), switch between different targets with every shot. This will help your golf game and give a great indication of whether you are getting better.

Batting Cage Tips

Track the Ball – Learn to see the ball coming in over the plate. Once you see a few balls, try to visualize the path of the ball. This will speed up your reaction time.

Strengths AND Weaknesses – You practice to improve your weaknesses, right? Sure, but you should also practice to develop and improve your strengths.

One Thing at a Time – If you’re working on your bunting, commit to a certain time frame to work on each, you will improve drastically over time. For example, lay down 20 sacrifice bunts before you take a swing. It only counts if it’s a quality bunt of a strike.

Know Your Goal – Before a pitch is thrown, know what you are going to do with that pitch. If you’re practicing hitting to the opposite field, be ready before the pitch is thrown. Visualize the situation as if you’re in a real game. Be ready.

Miniature Golf Tips

The Right Putter – The top of your putter should hit you at belt level, with your hands in the middle of the grip. If you have your own putter, bring it.

Go For the Deuce – Sure it’s fun to hot a hole in one. but if you want a good score, plan for two shots, one near the hole and the other IN the hole.

Miniature Golf Trends – balls tend to break towards any water hazard at the hole. They also tend to veer towards drop offs, so take a good look before playing a hole.

Speed is as Important as Accuracy – Make sure you hit the ball hard enough to reach the hole (or nearby), but not so hard that it goes past the hole.

Practice, Practice, Practice – Always take a few practice shots before playing, to get your putting together.